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Developer Trends and Tips

There are 800,000 new mobile developers per year. How can you compete with those numbers and set yourself apart? Here are a few tips:

Developer Trends and Tips

Thinking Mobile Phones? Think Bigger

 Be-Bound Develeper Trends and Tip #1: Think Bigger

Developing for mobile no longer means designing only for Android or iPhone. Keep in mind that in today’s world designing for mobile also means designing for: connected cars, wrists (watches), sky (drones), and smart homes.

Don’t Abuse Push Notifications

Be-Bound Developer Trends and Tips #2: Limit Push Notifications

Hate to break it to you, but app users don’t like push notifications. We know you want to incorporate these in order to remind users to engage with your app, but don’t overuse this feature. A recent Mashable survey found that it’s one of the most annoying feature of apps, and many users are opt to block them. 

Don’t Drop Off The Planet

Be-Bound Developer Trends and Tips #3: Update and Improve Regularly

If you forget about your app, so will your consumers. Just because your app has been downloaded doesn’t mean your users will continue to find it useful. Think of how you can keep your users engaged by adding new features and improvements to your apps. If you’ve had enough of your app and can’t possibly think of any updates you could add, organize a focus group and get their feedback.

 Study The Best

Be-Bound Developer Trends and Tips #4: Stay Tuned to Top Developers

Keep your eye on news from the top Android developers. Know names like Jake Wharton, Koushik Dutta, or Chris Banes? Get familiar! You need to have your finger on the pulse, and these guys are experienced. They’ve been through the hurdles you might be facing today, so it doesn’t hurt to look to their actions for a little guidance. Staying abreast of what the experts are saying/doing will help you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Who Do You Design For?

Be-Bound Developer Trends and Tips: Target Enterprises

Start targeting enterprises.  Specifically think of how you can rework consumer apps and design them for enterprises. Businesses are in need of tools too, and if you design one that works, they’re willing to pay. 

Design For Other Populations

Be-Bound Developer Trends and Tips #6: Think about other populations

Research shows that developers who design and create apps that they want to use themselves actually don’t succeed in making very much money. So think outside of your own experience. The world is full of reasons people want or need apps. Mobile phones are popular worldwide. If you can find a way to bring value to populations outside of your immediate circle, you may actually hit a huge population, and have more success than in places where developers have saturated the market with similar ideas.

Be The King of Future Platforms

Be-Bound Developer Trends and Tips #7: Design with Data in Mind

If you haven’t heard by now, tomorrow is all about data. It’s no longer enough to design simple apps. You’re probably better off developing apps that integrate with other apps, and signal across devices. More and more people are concerned with getting the most concrete data.   Find a way that your app’s information can be enhanced by data that’s elsewhere or vice versa. 

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