Augmented Mobile Internet Coverage

Augmented Connectivity is a unique and patented technology developed by Be-Bound. It optimizes data and expands mobile and IoT coverage to reach 95% of the population worldwide, using pre-existing networks.

Our frugal innovation allows you to do more with less, and presents three major advantages :
  • No additional infrastructure costs, no investment required.
  • Easy to deploy on existing networks (already operational in several countries).
  • Connect more people immediately, even in untapped areas.

Integrate Augmented Connectivity into your Android mobile apps and IoT. Secure transactions are guaranteed even without Internet access. Our SMS encryption is used for every transaction, and is patented in association with the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in California. This also allows innovative technologies such as machine learning, big data or blockchain to reach populations or areas which were out of reach, until now.

How Does It Work?


With Be-Bound, your mobile apps and IoT devices can now perform to the last mile. Augmented Connectivity allows requests to be sent both ways with end-to-end encryption : from mobile to server and from server to mobile.

Our Technology At Work

E-Commerce & Deliveries

Apps and services to purchase goods, track deliveries, and get directions are available even when networks are saturated or weak.

Real-Time Data Collection

Optimize your data so requests can be sent from anywhere, even in the most rural areas, using only the GSM network.

Mobile Payment

Get real-time transactions everywhere, wherever there is a mobile network.

Why Choose Be-Bound?



Widest geographic range for smartphones and IoT. Your Apps, services and devices can now work everywhere.



Automatic selection of the best available network. Your Apps and services work with or without internet, on every network (GSM)



Reduce dramatically the required bandwidth. A solution to optimize data usage and reduce connection costs