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Be-Bound’s Lead Dev Goes to San Francisco

An Interview with Melvin Biamont, Be-Bound’s Lead Developer

Melvin, you just got back from an interesting trip to California. Welcome back! Can you tell us why you traveled from Paris to Palo Alto for Be-Bound?

I traveled to the US to work with Be-Bound at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center).  The purpose of the trip was to discuss technical subjects with our PARC team in person. 

That sounds pretty mysterious…can you give us any more details about the “technical subjects” you were working on? Come on, give us a teaser!

A big part of my trip was centered on the Be-Bound SDK release, which is a project I’m leading.  I’m really looking forward to giving developers a way to integrate Be-Bound’s technology. It’s going to open up totally new possibilities for anyone who is an Android developer. There’s no other platform that will give this kind of reach and monetization to Android developers.

Of course I discussed other subjects; but those are all confidential!

That’s big news! What made you want to do that?

Yes, we’re excited to be opening our SDK! The Be-Bound team has been very happy with our technology, and we have no doubt about what it can do to change the world. We finally came to the decision that connecting the Next 4 Billion people will happen a lot faster if we open Be-Bound Tech up to other developers to really take advantage of what Be-Bound Tech can do. It takes a team! And with this technology, developers around the world will be able to develop apps working where Internet connectivity is poor or even nonexistent. 

Is the SDK already available to developers who want to start integrating today?

Not yet. We’re finishing up the design of the SDK now. We’ll probably release it soon. We’ll probably be organizing some hackathons too. But, we’re not ready for those next steps just yet.

What should developers do who want to join the community?

If you’re excited about knowing more, you can send us an e-mail; we’ll be happy to discuss with you and maybe give you access to a preview of the SDK. You can also subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook page or the blog to be hear about the release as soon as it’s live. We really want to grow a community of developers who will share tips and advice on how to use our technology.

OK…, let’s hear about your trip! Was this your first time traveling to the United States?

Yes! I already travelled to our offices in Algeria but this was my 1st time visiting the United States! I really liked San Francisco and Silicon Valley! San Francisco is really beautiful with its slopes. The Golden Gates is also awesome  🙂 

Last year GQ Magazine did an article about how many French Tech entrepreneurs were taking Silicon Valley by storm, and they mentioned Be-Bound. Did you feel that energy when you were there? 

Unfortunately… no. For me this trip was very « American ». I know there is already a strong French presence in Silicon Valley, but my trip was quick so I didn’t get a chance to dip my toes into that network.  But definitely the French startup scene is really starting to take off. France has a lot of good start-ups like BlaBlaCar… or Be-Bound  😉 

 Now that you’ve experienced the Tech life in Paris and California, how do they compare?

In California, its was so « geek » ! Everyone was working everywhere; in the Starbucks, in the parks; even in the train! 

At the same time, in SF, they’re « relaxed ». It’s not the same in Paris; everyone is in a hurry…

 Was there anything that surprised you about San Francisco or Silicon Valley? Or about your visit to the United States in general?

A lot of things! First there was the absence of fruit in the markets (and other healthy products)… For an area where Apple was born, that was funny…

Also, there were so many beautiful cars in the streets! It was great to see, and at the same time funny to me that some people were so inclined to show their wealth.

Finally, what I was really not expecting to see was the number of homeless in San Francisco.  Seeing that really had an affect on me.

What was it like working at PARC?

PARC is great! The skill level there is so impressive. Sometimes I felt like a monkey working next to them. They’re very serious and professional and it’s great to work with them. PARC is also surrounded by beautiful views of the Californian mountains. I love that. It was a reminder of where I was each day.

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