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Be-Bound and FAMOCO: A Partnership to Increase Mobile Connectivity

Be-Bound is happy to announce that we are partnering with FAMOCO, the leader of Android-based transactional devices, as a step towards bringing connectivity to all. Together, our companies have decided that integrating Be-Bound’s technology (N4B) into Famoco devices will optimize transactions and the flow of data in regions where the majority of local businesses still face daily struggles related to the digital divide.

 “Today we’re pleased to contribute to a global solution optimized for the specific needs of regions that are underserved when it comes to mobile services. ” – Albert Szulman, CEO & Founder of Be-Bound.

Famoco and Be-Bound : two technologies, a single ambition

Be-Bound’s technology guarantees mobile connectivity across all networks (including where there is only 2G) thanks to our patented compression algorithm (also known as N4B or Next 4 Billion: the technology that has the power to connect the 4 Billion people who are still unconnected). Meanwhile Famoco has 300 professional clients in 30 countries using their transactional Android terminals.

By combining our technologies, Be-Bound and Famoco will provide mobile internet services that are capable of working everywhere there is a phone signal, to professionals in developing countries.  The integration of Be-Bound means that Famoco will now be able to offer devices that work everywhere, even without internet. The Famoco devices integrating Be-Bound technology will be especially dedicated to more remote regions where internet coverage remains unreliable or is considered nonexistent.

The importance of increasing connectivity worldwide

Be-Bound’s vision is to contribute to global development by increasing connectivity worldwide. The more people we can get around the world to connect to ICT on a regular basis, the closer we will be to bridging the digital divide. This starts with bringing affordable and accessible mobile internet services to the largest number of people possible.

The goal : propose a reliable and performant solution that guarantees access to connectivity to all professional users of transactional terminals by enabling them to respond to transaction demands using the minimum bandwidth necessary.

Speaking of the partnership, CEO & co-founder of FAMOCO, Lionel Baraban, stated, “Thanks to Be-Bound, we can now propose ‘light’ solutions that limit data consumption, in an environment of unequal digital maturity, to the majority of businesses in developing countries.”