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Be-Bound Celebrates 4 Years in Business !

On October 17th, four years ago, Be-Bound opened its doors with a mobile solution that was positioned to change the way the world thought about phone networks and data. We saw an opportunity to use the more prevalent 2G network, and decided to stretch its limits even further by bringing people apps that work not only on the 2G network, but where people could once only send an SMS. In other words, we created an app that worked in SMS-only mode, and we knew the world had to see it. We’re celebrating 4 years in business and taking a look back at what we’ve accomplished.

Today our compression algorithm is better than any other mobile solution available. To give you an example, even when our Email app is working in 3G/4G areas, users consumes 2x less data than when using standard Gmail. So not only do our apps work with zero data (SMS-only mode), but we also use least amount of bandwidth.

Be-Bound apps work with data turned completely off, using only the SMS-mode to bring Android users Email, Twitter and much more. Because Be-Bound apps work wherever an SMS can be sent, they have the widest geographic range in the world. Think about it this way, if you can make a call, you can use Be-Bound’s apps!

In the last 4 years in business, our focus has been to expand internationally, and we now have offices in Palo Alto, Algiers, Paris, and Versailles.

A few highlights of the past year:


– Be-Bound became the first non-US startup to be invited to the Palo Alto Research Center.
– The French Minister of Digital Affairs, Axelle Lemaire, inaugurated our Versailles office opening (you can see her speech here)


– We launched an app in Algeria called  Be-Djezzy to bring a new level of connectivity to the country’s Android users
– Be-Bound partnered with Wataniya Mobile to create Wataniya Connect bringing connectivity to more people in the West Bank


– Bloomberg news featured Be-Bound alongside the Internet giants coming up with their own alternate solutions
– And of course our Android developers are insisting that I mention the day they stepped up their office style after Be-Bound was mentioned by GQ Magazine …

Visit our Press page or blog to see a full view of the company’s history. We look forward to bringing you many more apps that work without data this coming year!  Stay tuned …

Be-Bound Celebrates 4 Years in Business