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French Startup of the Year!

Be-Bound is Startup of the Year 2016! We are happy and honored to be designated The French “Startup of the Year” out of 1600 participants, by a jury composed of ten experts, after a selection processed by 42 000 internet voters. Judges included business experts from PwC, Qwant, and SNCF Développement, among others.

The jury awarded Be-Bound’s for its global vision: bridging the digital divide with a mobile technology that connects smartphones and IoT devices anywhere (from WiFi to 2G-SMS). Considered as the Robin Hood of the digital divide, Be-Bound is determined to bring connectivity to everyone, everywhere, at an affordable price, by partnering with local Mobile Network Operators. We are also opening our technology to allow app and content developers to reach untapped customers, which already represents a potential of more than 200 million users in developing countries, and is growing fast.  (Are you a developer? Follow us here to get future announcements!)

We were also honored to be given the bonus of being included in PwC’s startup acceleration program. We expect our development in Africa to significantly speed up thanks to PwC.

Bonjour Idée, founded by Kossi Adzo, is an online French startup magazine, connecting journalists, startups, and established businesses. The #StartupDelAnnée event was a great experience for us from start to finish. We’re also grateful for the support received from the Press ( Maddyness, Les Echos, and Alliancy, among others) and Be-Bound fans for our win. To see the full Be-Bound story as it unfolded, read more below: