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Network Disruption with Frugal Innovation

Be-Bound was proud to be invited to the Maddy Keynote “Tendances de l’innovaton 2016”  (Trends in Innovation 2016) that took place in Paris January 20th, where our Marketing Manager, Aurèle Tabuchi, participated in a passionate discussion on network disruption together with Baptiste Fradin, co-founder of Infinit.


Why was Be-Bound a part of the conversation?

Because Be-Bound definitely has a different way to address network use! While major players are vying to connect the planet with balloons, drones or satellites, Be-Bound’s technology relies on what is already available: the existing networks, to bring Internet to everyone, now. We had the chance to explain how Be-Bound is an example of frugal innovation in action because it relies on optimizing existing networks rather than building new ones.

The status quo tends to be the expectation based on a “new release” mentality: that the next best thing must be a new invention that’s more modern. And without that, where is the advancement? But frugal innovation questions these assumptions by asking, “what if we can make the best out of what we already have? How can these tools be put to better use, before we throw them away for that new great idea?”.  The point is that sometimes we concentrate on and adopt the more enticing  before thinking through the possibilities. 

Maddy Keynote
Aurèle Tabuchi, Be-Bound’s Marketing Manager, discusses Be-Bound’s mobile technology with Baptiste Fradin and Pierre Rigo at Maddy Keynote 2016

The Maddy Keynote also covered a wide area of subjects, from humans to robots, and connected cities to networks and innovation.

Among our favorite themes of Maddy Keynote 2016:

– A speech by Erwan Kezzar, cofounder of the Simplon School, which offers free and intensive trainings on how to create web applications and mobile websites. Kezzar stressed the importance of coding. For young people in need of opportunity, or second chances, a free coding education brings huge potential for jobs and a future. It is very interesting that the Simplon school is also opening schools in Africa, countries where Be-Bound is building an Android developer community.  

 – Transhumanism: This was an interesting conversation about how technology can help improve the human condition, and with that the inevitable question of just how far will we let technology go? Immortality? We’ll refrain from getting involved in that discussion for the moment, because what counts for us right now is the consensus that the Internet can bring great progress in health, education, etc. and this is why we are trying to make internet within reach of everyone!