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Views of France by the Be-Bound Team

What’s it like to work at a French Startup? Every once in awhile, we share what’s happening behind the scenes in the Be-Bound world so that you can see for yourself! This month the Paris team took part in the local Tech Run with over 100 other startups. In preparation, we ran together as a team every Tuesday (a 5K path from our office, along the Seine, to the Eiffel Tower and back – not a bad route!). But for the rest of the week, we went it alone. Often we would snap a pic or two of our weekend runs, so that come Monday morning, we could share them as proof for the team of our commitment to the cause. As it turns out, some of the pictures were nice enough that we decided to share our favorites with you. So here’s a mini tour of France for you as seen through the eyes of the Be-Bounders!

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[unitegallery TechRun]

French Startup
Team Be-Bound!

The competitive spirit was alive and well among startups on the day of the relay. We luckily had great weather, and a great time. Thank you to the organizers of the Tech Run!  Hooray for French Startup life!

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