The Ivory Coast has been named Africa’s fastest growing economy, but the digital divide that exists within the country between rural areas and the capital of Abidjan restricts some local digital economies from growing. If improved, connectivity could skyrocket the already […]

The Internet was first introduced to Laos in 1994 with an email server set up at the Lao National Polytechnic Institute, and by 2016, the number of reported internet users in the country stood at just 15.7% of the population. […]

Forget about the 4 Billion people without Internet access for a moment. There’s another problem affecting 4 Billion people: invisible physical addresses. Those without an official address are invisible to delivery systems. From mail delivery, to emergency services, the simple fact […]

In September 2015, 193 countries were signatories to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the most ambitious global agenda ever formalized for the social, economic and environmental improvement of the world. The 17 SDGs envision a world without […]

Bangladesh has set its sights on transitioning the entire country towards digital as a means to economic development. After hitting many of the milestones for sustainable development ahead of the given deadline for the Millenium Development Goals (2015), Bangladesh announced […]

We recently returned from a visit to South Africa where we attended the NG Telecom Summit, a conference that brought together Telecom operators from across the continent, and private enterprises, to discuss the current state of the Telecom industry in […]

The connected world is still a fantasy, as so many around the world remain digitally isolated. Isolated because they don’t own smartphone, and/or because they don’t have access to the Internet. Today, there are around 4 billion people without access […]

Africa is experiencing rapid growth in mobile telephony, but is still one of the world’s most unconnected continents. For Africa, it is estimated that if the Internet took hold on a much larger scale in the coming decade, it could […]

Did you know that out of the 4 billion people without Internet, 1 billion of those people are in India?  It’s time to connect India!  We are excited to announce that this week Be-Bound joined French President, François Hollande, on […]

What does your mobile phone provide for you on a daily basis? For many of us the answer is on-the-go Emails, online shopping or the ability to message loved ones, but around the world a mobile phone is much more. Mobiles are […]