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Be-Bound Attends the India France Business Summit

Did you know that out of the 4 billion people without Internet, 1 billion of those people are in India?  It’s time to connect India!

 We are excited to announce that this week Be-Bound joined French President, François Hollande, on his trip to India as part of the French Business Delegation. It is an honor to have been chosen to represent French tech on such an important occasion.

Albert Szulman with François Hollande (India)
Albert Szulman with François Hollande (India)

The President’s trip is focused on strengthening the strategic partnership and bilateral trade between India and France across many sectors, in particular technology. For Be-Bound, being in India is a significant step toward our goal of bringing our mobile solution to the farthest reaches of the world. Be-Bound is partnering with major operators in India to improve mobile connectivity throughout the country.

Digital India – Power to Empower

India is committed to expanding Internet access. To this end, Ninendra Modi’s government has come up with a plan for a more Digital India, with “Nine Pillars of Digital India” being targeted. The one that clearly stands out to Be-Bound is Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity. Be-Bound’s technology can help India achieve this goal because we are able to reach anyone with a phone signal, without the need for ANY infrastructure investment.

Last year, the Digital India Summit was held, and this year, with the India France Business Summit, France is bringing India some of it’s own business solutions to help India reach their goal of successful digitization. François Hollande’s Delegation represented businesses who have something to offer India.

India and France Uniting for Business

Both leaders addressed issues beyond business as well – environment, security, and humanity – important elements of daily life in each country. Modi and Hollande spoke to an audience of French and Indian businessmen and diplomats, expressing solidarity in principles and their shared aims of working together to benefit from the global digital transformation. In total, 16 agreements were signed by the two countries.

President Hollande gave an excellent speech stressing the importance of  doing business abroad. He noted that French companies and startups doing work internationally are stimulating the French economy.  The Summit signifies that a strong relationship between France and India will be mutually beneficial; a boost for each country’s economy.

India, we look forward to seeing you connected with #BeBoundTech soon!

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