Connect all mobile users, customers, employees, now

Expand your geographic coverage, grow your customer base within rural areas, and maintain contact with your employees working abroad. At Be-Bound, we know Connectivity shouldn’t be a matter of location or a commodity for urban inhabitants only. With this in mind, we developed a solution capable of providing mobile internet services working everywhere there is a phone signal.


Why Choose Be-Bound?



Mobile apps, services and IoT devices now work to the last mile.



The end-users of your mobile apps are always connected, in real time.



Size of requests and data are optimized to guarantee delivery in difficult environments.

Augmented Connectivity

  • A Frugal Innovation
    Makes more with less by using the existing infrastructure of networks. It is costless to deploy and ready-to-use everywhere.

  • To The Last Mile
    Increases coverage of your apps to reach 95% of the population immediately. Mobile Apps and connected devices (IoT) work even in areas with poor connectivity.

  • Guaranteed Connection
    Deliveries are successful no matter the mobile network (WiFi to 2G SMS) and no matter its quality (saturated or weak).

  • Data Safety
    Secure end-to-end encryption (patented) and real-time transactions everywhere.

  • For Android
    Android smartphones and IoT devices remain constantly connected to internet services, regardless of the network availability and quality, with our SDK.

  • Inclusive Growth
    Creating local value, hiring local talent and enabling local companies to express themselves through equal partnerships and revenue sharing.