Be-Bound has developed a unique and patented technology that optimizes existing networks to bring augmented connectivity to mobile and IoT to reach 95% of the population worldwide, without any additional infrastructure investment. Be-Bound enables secure end-to-end encryption and real-time transactions everywhere, and ensures constant connectivity wherever there is a mobile network, therefore increasing addressable markets.


How Does It Work?

We guarantee connectivity for professional apps. Send and receive lightweight information in real time, for all your mobile apps and IoT devices.
  • Communication from mobile to the Internet / from the Internet to mobile.
  • Available on Android and IoT devices
  • GSM network included: wider coverage than any data network, reaching of 95% of the world’s population.
  • Optimization: data compression maximizes the reduction of request sizes
  • Transparent network usage
  • Real-time transactions

The Integration Process

The Android SDK is a library to add in your Android app. A platform with tools, examples and documentation allows you to save the app, test and outline the requests which will be transferred with Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity. In order to maximize the reduction of request size, we optimise and compress all request parameters, detailing the format, type and coverage.

Key Points

  • Bi-directional : From server to mobile and from mobile to server.

  • Fast deployment : No additional infrastructure cost (works automatically wherever there is a signal)

  • Requests are guaranteed to be sent and received : Receipt confirmation and in case of error, requests are relayed.

  • SMS encryption : We use the GSM network when no internet connection is available. The SMS are secured with our patented optimization of content, transparent, and guarantee a uniform user experience. .

  • Connectivity Detection Library : Our technology is constantly and transparently picking the best network (SMS, data, WIFI) depending on the available broadband. Developers can also opt to push a mode for each request.