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Amazing #DroidconFR!

Last week, the Be-Bound team (including myself) had the opportunity to attend Droidcon Paris 2015. This is the second year that Be-Bound Android developers have gone together to the convention, the most important Android related event in France! The energy was amazing – with more than 600 developers gathered in the same space, sharing knowledge, ideas and laughs. All of them wishing to improve their aptitudes to create apps even better than what’s already been created. We saw great technologies that are coming like Android auto, we got a good introduction to new extremely interesting languages like Kotlin. We discovered incredible actions that gradle is capable of (it’s only going to get better guys!), we dove into the Google Play store and discovered how powerful Google Analytics can be, and how the program can help us to improve your experience with Be-Apps (our name for the Be-Bound apps).

Let’s Talk!

The organization of #DroidconFR was quite well done. Each day started with a main speech, at the start of the morning, where all the developers joined together. After that, each of us had the option to choose the sessions best suited to our individual interests. There were always 3 different speakers talking about a different subject (and languages!) in parallel, so finding interesting talks was very easy. 

Highlights of #DroidconFR

Improve your app metrics in weeks with Play Store Experiments
Using his company experience, Alexis Fogel presented the new ‘experiments’ feature of the Play Store and our team learned how to apply these to Be-Bound! Keep an eye on Be-Bound! You may be using an “experimental” version ;).

You will still have the same app as everyone else, but you may have been shown a different icon in the Play Store for example.  This helps app developers know what works and what doesn’t.

Kotlin on Android
A great approach to Kotlin, a really powerful language that has a promising future. Using a simple sample, Svetlana Isakova, showed us how to, starting from a Java class, we can migrate to kotlin. After she optimized some code Java code… what in java requires 10 lines kotlin needs 1! 

Gradle plugins: take it to the next level
In this session, we were given an in-depth view of how we can made Gradle plugins. This allows us to customize the Be-Bound apps even more, and we will be closer to our different client keeping a code completely clean.

The Be-Bound developers are putting this information to work to bring you even better Be-apps! 

Be-Bound DroidconFR