Djezzy launches 718: the first Algerian Directory that works even without Internet

Algeria’s #1 operator, Djezzy, has integrated Be-Bound technology to release Djezzy 718, a professional directory app.

Djezzy is expanding its services thanks to Be-Bound technology. With 718, Djezzy is offering a completely new service to their subscribers: a mobile directory accessible even without internet. With Djezzy 718, users can easily find contact information for plumbers, lawyers, hotels etc., as long as they’ve got the app in hand. For example, if a person’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, where there is no internet, users of Djezzy 718 will easily be able to contact a service that can assist them.

How does it work ?
When data networks are unstable or inaccessible, Be-Bound’s technology compresses data from the web so that information passes on all networks, including SMS, which is very useful when networks are saturated or when someone has subscribed to a small data plan.

The 718 app is easy to use, and will revolutionize daily life for Algerians.

Be-Bound is committed to bringing constant and affordable connectivity to the unconnected populations. We are very happy with this new collaboration with Djezzy, and we hope to replicate initiatives such as this across the African continent.

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