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Who We Are

Our vision

Be-Bound believes constant and affordable connectivity are key to unlocking the economic potential of hundreds of millions around the world. Bringing balance into this world of inequality starts by bridging the digital divide and connecting the unconnected to the mobile internet networks that power modern economy -from electricity and financial services to social networks that enable knowledge and economy sharing and e-government’s services that reinforce democracy and social justice.

Our Values

Vector Coverage


A focus on getting to the last mile is one way of meeting our aspiration to “leave no one behind”. With this at heart, Be-Bound developed a far-reaching technology which allows the people covered by the GSM network (95% of the population) to access and use their mobile apps even without Internet.

Vector Reach


We strongly believe in the frugal innovation philosophy: make more out of what is already available. We innovate using the existing networks and infrastructure. This means no infrastructure investment for an easy-to-deploy technology that gets more people covered instantly.

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Inclusive growth is the only way to change things for the long term We aim to create local value, hiring local talent and enabling them to express themselves through equal partnerships. Through dedicated relationships with local players, we learn from each other to build a more participatory economy together.