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Smarter coding reduces
your data load

Efficient data architecture and Image compression

Smaller is better

Data and image compression have become critical for companies competing to provide the best performance for their mobile apps. In fact, the larger the content the longer it takes to load, and the less time users are willing to use your app.

What we bring

Vector Coverage

Optimized Requests

Your apps will have better transmission over 3G and 4G networks and a new ability to travel over the SMS network

Vector Reach

Lighter Images

Images will be sent via any mobile network, even GSM. Digital ID authentication becomes possible even in rural areas

Vector Optimize

Successfull transmission

Your data and images always gets through no matter the quality of the network

Scalar Data Encoding

Think Google’s Protobuf, but better

    BitBuffer is a unique technology developed by Be-Bound to provide the highest level of compression available for the various types of data transmitted on apps.

  • Improve the user experience by treating requests on any network with compressed and serialized data.

  • Increases the total number of requests per day. Extend your backend capacities without requiring any other infrastructure.

Highest image compression

Original photo taken with a smartphone: 216 Ko and optimized photo compressed with Be-Bound: 9 Ko
  • Send critical images at anytime

  • Super Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks (SRGAN) are used to build good quality pictures from very low resolution files (1.2 kb)

  • When the type and nature of data to transmit is known, ad-hoc optimization can be applied

  • We use a machine learning network on specific types of images (ID cards) to optimize the parameters of an image compression algorithm to get amazing results (up to 98% compared to Jpeg).

  • After compression and transmission the resolution of the photo can still be optimized thanks to machine learning algorithm

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