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Keep Your Business Moving

Access new dimensions of growth.
Connectivity shouldn’t be a matter of location or infrastructure availability. That’s why Be-Bound developed a solution that gets mobile apps and IoT working everywhere there is a phone signal.
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your addressable market

  • Capture growth in new areas cost-effectively

  • Fulfill ID authentication and KYC for rural enrollments

  • Put your services within reach of 95% of the world population

  • Provide apps that work even where there’s no internet
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Data Collection

  • Transfer data without a data network

  • Get the mission-critical data you need

  • More data increases accuracy for better decision making.

  • Eliminate the guesswork, and identify areas of opportunity, waste or inefficiency.
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contact with your mobile workforce

  • Employees stay connected, enabling them to stay productive.

  • Headquarters stays in contact with employees on the field, improving team communication.

  • Reduce deployment complexity: gain operational visibility on deployed workers

  • Mobile workers can deliver enhanced customer experience from their smartphones

Connectivity Should Be An Asset

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Mobile services that work anywhere helps your business move freely
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Access real time location and information about your customers
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Make transactions more secure and reliable
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International messaging for your business even without internet
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Enable digital ID authentication in rural areas
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Fleet Management

Improve fleet management with real-time data
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Constant contact with your workforce means business can go anywhere

A mobile technology for Android apps to work even without Internet and perform better on all networks