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Better Govtech for
your entire territory

Increase efficiency, eliminate connectivity gaps and guarantee security everywhere, with or without Internet access

Empower your e-gov projects

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Reach everyone

Improve the connection between government and the people. Our connectivity technology enables you to reach 95% of your population using the existing infrastructure. We optimize data and networks to extend your interaction possibilities.

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Unparallelled security

Our solution is highly secure thanks to our powerful channel bonding strategy. Behind the scenes of each message sent, Be-Bound splits your data, so that the message is sent over several different networks. Your messages become highly resistant to hacks and security breaches, because they are not retrievable in one piece as they travel. By providing end-to-end security by design, we guarantee confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation.

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In Tough terrain

Are your efforts to deliver or collect data held back by challenging geography? From disaster recovery sites, to remote military outposts, and villages, our far-reaching connectivity gets your data solutions working where you need them most. Tap into the widest geographic reach possible for critical apps, and achieve mission success.

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Inclusive and Sustainable

Augmented Connectivity opens doors for inclusive growth. Governments can connect with the unconnected, with digital services optimized to work in all connectivity environments. Constant and affordable connectivity are key to unlocking the economic potential for governments at the services of the population.

Connectivity Should Be An Asset

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Send digital health information no matter the location. Offer solutions for critical health situations everywhere
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Streamline traffic and improve data collection for better service and maintenance
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Crisis Relief

Respond more effectively and quickly in emergency situations
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Improve census accuracy. Collect population information regardless of geographic location
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Allow your defences to be operational in all circumstances
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Enable digital ID authentication in rural areas
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Promote equal opportunity with your best mobile solutions at the service of education
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Support farmers and industry players with reliable solutions and resources. Real-time data collection, market prices, weather forecasts...

A mobile technology for apps to work even without Internet and perform better on all networks