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Augmented Connectivity

A mobile software technology that enables apps to work even without internet and perform better on every network

Why apps struggle

Weak networks

50% of the world population is still without internet, and this is largely due to geographical location. Data networks are too weak to reach the last mile, and apps fail where data coverage is spotty. A user's distance from a base station can reduce an app's ability to connect, as well as natural obstacles that get in the way of airwaves, such as mountains, valleys and tough terrain.

Saturated networks

The increasing growth in mobile data traffic globally is stressing data networks. When too many mobile apps compete for bandwidth space at once, networks get clogged, creating data traffic jams, which leads to app crashes and failures. In many countries, the rate of infrastructure upgrades is not accommodating modern throughput demand.

Augmented Connectivity is the solution

A patented software mobile technology made to overcome the most pressing connectivity challenges across the globe.

Your app without Augmented Connectivity

Mobile apps require good network conditions to perform. When data networks are poor, saturated or nonexistent, your standard app stops working.

Integrate Augmented Connectivity into your app so it can stay connected despite difficult network conditions

With Augmented Connectivity, your app works even without internet and performs better on every data network

What it means for your business

Vector Coverage


  • Maintain constant contact with your field workers, wherever they are

  • Give your app the widest geographic reach possible

  • Streamline business in isolated or saturated areas

  • Recruit customers from new areas
Vector Reach


  • Lighter data increases network capacity for better transmission

  • Smart data travel across all networks reduces failures

  • Pictures can be send even without internet

  • Better user experience
Vector Shield


  • Secure every data transmission between the app and the backend

  • Guarantee authenticity and non-repudiation

  • Enable end-to-end encryption

  • Respect user privacy

What to expect


Development tools


Our Offer

Pay per


Calculated according to the volume of request your app processes each month

Pay per
active users


Calculated according to the number of active users your app serves on a monthly basis



Pricing is determined in advance and stays the same covering all requests and number of monthly users

Augmented Connectivity Uses Cases

A mobile technology for android apps to stay connected even without Internet and perform better on all networks