Connectivity to the last mile, today

Be-Bound has developed a unique and patented technology that brings Augmented Connectivity to mobile and IoT worldwide, without any additional infrastructure investment. Our technology can increase coverage to reach 95% of the population immediately, utilizing the pre-existing mobile networks.

In emerging markets, where problematic connectivity inhibits development, Be-Bound contributes to the creation of inclusive growth and sustainable development.


The Challenge

4 billion people remain unconnected to the internet despite rapidly increasing smartphone penetration. Be-Bound has identified 3 key barriers to mobile internet access in developing countries :
  • Infrastructure
    Nearly 2 billion people outside the range of broadband networks.

  • Affordability
    Almost 3 billion people unable to pay the cost of broadband package.

  • Relevance
    Over 2 billion people lack access to content in their native language.
These barriers prevent local digital economies from growing. Governments that work with Be-Bound accelerate digital transformation by connecting the unconnected immediately, and improving opportunities for local developers, and businesses.

Our Solution

Bridge the Mobile Digital Divide to Support Inclusive Growth



Mobile apps, services and IoT devices now work to the last mile and benefit the growth and digitalization of local communities.



Requests and data are optimised to guarantee transactions under any conditions.



Reduce dramatically the required bandwidth. A solution to optimize data usage and reduce connection costs

Our Technology At Work

E-Commerce & Deliveries

Apps and services to purchase goods, track deliveries, and get directions are available even when networks are saturated or weak.

Real-Time Data Collection

Get real-time transactions everywhere, wherever there is a mobile network.

Mobile Payment

Requests and data are optimised to guarantee transactions under any conditions.

Governments Are Drivers of Progress

Augmented Connectivity opens doors for inclusive growth. We believe constant and affordable connectivity are key to unlocking the economic potential of hundreds of millions around the world. Bringing balance into this world of inequality starts by bridging the digital divide and connecting the unconnected to the mobile internet networks that power modern economy. Governments committed to accelerating sustainable development work with Be-Bound to increase digital opportunities for all citizens, everywhere.