Mobile Money

Your solution working in the hands of billions. Limitless transactions for everyone.

Augmented Connectivity optimizes mobile networks so each and every transaction works for 95% of the world population.

Mobile Money is increasingly taking center stage in the world economy. In 2017, 690 million mobile money accounts were registered across the world including developed and emerging countries. Sub-Saharan Africa makes for 49,1% of the customer share worldwide, thus gathering the largest number of registered mobile money customers in 2017. But this uptick is interrupted when current and potential customers cannot access the internet via their mobile phones. The limits of app use and transactions are directly related to the limits of infrastructure.

In the Ivory Coast, 5 million mobile money accounts are registered, but more than a third of the country - especially rural areas - suffer from a serious lack of connectivity (69% of requests fail). Anywhere; a reliable, constant access to the Internet is essential to any mobile transaction and should be possible no matter the location and network.

With Be-Bound, our partner’s mobile money apps can now perform to the last mile. Transactions are sent and received immediately everywhere, from saturated to rural areas typically out of range, and even for users without bank accounts. Users are notified on their smartphone with or without internet access. P2P transfers, bill payments, merchant payments, cash-in, cash-out, loans; all transactions are facilitated, optimized and guaranteed to everyone.

Mobile Money Even Without Internet


Peer-to-peer transactions are secured with end-to-end encryption, sent and optimized via the Be-Bound proxy server which picks the best network transport route, and finally processed by the backend servers of the mobile money provider. The exchange is available in real-time everywhere there is a network, any network, even where data bandwidth is unavailable.

Our Technology At Work

Mobile Money

Real-time transactions everywhere, wherever there is a mobile network in the Ivory Coast

E-Commerce & Deliveries

Apps and services to purchase goods, track deliveries, and get directions are available even when networks are saturated or weak.

Real-Time Data Collection

Optimize your data so requests can be sent from anywhere, even in the most rural areas, using only the GSM network.