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Be-Bound Becomes Member of Think Tank Futura-Mobility

Be-Bound joins Futura-Mobility

This month, Be-Bound became a member of Futura-Mobility, a European think tank dedicated to the future of mobility, founded by professionals of the transport industry. The organization enables Heads of Innovation and leaders from member companies to meet regularly to discuss the challenges and possibilities for mobility in the 21st century, and right now, specifically, mobility 2050.

In their own words, “Futura-Mobility provides a platform for industry players to share their views on disruption, both ongoing and anticipated, and together explore opportunities. From the energy transition to impacts of the digital revolution, eco-design, new mobility behaviour and markets, we cover the topics that count.”

Mobility has an important role to play in the relative quality of life around the world: air quality, traffic flows, safety, and access to all we need (hospitals, education, work, etc.). Mobility touches every part of our lives, from where you move daily, to how others around you are moving, and getting to where they need to be. The questions are life-changing and life-making, and because of this, other societal players are often invited to take part in Futura-Mobility discussions, from sociologists to urban planners, for example, to make sure all bases are covered. There are environmental, geopolitical, and social issues at play.

Think Tank Futura-Mobility in session
Futura-Mobility in session

Futura Mobility Think Tank

Futura-Mobility was founded on the idea that it’s time we learn how to innovate together, and the best way to achieve this is to occasionally set aside competitive needs for the greater good of mobility. Digging deep into the hardest issues with some of the world’s leading experts will help us to reach the best conclusions and accelerate the right kind of innovation, avoiding compartmentalization.

There are also inspiration sessions, where creators of innovative mobility solutions from around the world present to the members of Futura-Mobility. Recent presentations included, Loic Blaise, Aviator, and founder of Polar Kid, and William Elong, founder of Drone Africa.

Be-Bound’s membership is based on our knowledge of the mobile network environments in developed and developing countries, and the network environment’s relationship to data collection, fleet management, IoT (connected cars), etc. Our work with Augmented Connectivity and continued R&D on data and network optimization brings a unique perspective to the conversations of what is possible.

Other company member of Futura-Mobility include, Valeo, Safran, SNCF Réseau, Bouygues, Airbus, Air Liquide, Schoolab, Keolis, Alstom, and Groupe ADP.