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Be-Bound in Action: What3words


Be-Bound Partners with La Poste and what3words to create a new delivery system for the Ivory Coast

Be-Bound is joining what3words on an initial project that will be launched in the Ivory Coast to make every location, locatable. Be-Bound and what3words are working with La Poste in the Ivory Coast with the goal of making mail delivery as efficient as possible.

In the Ivory Coast, internet coverage is less than 20%, and less than 10% of the population has a useable physical address. For mail delivery, trying to determine where remotely located individuals might live is a challenge not easily overcome. La Poste is aiming to put in place a logistical platform that is economically viable, capable of forwarding all types of products or packages to the entire Ivory Coast population, no matter what the point of delivery. And in order to do that, the CEO of La Poste, Isaac Gnamba-Yao, brought together what3words, a company with a unique geolocation system and Be-Bound, the company with the mobile technology that guarantees constant mobile connectivity, no matter what the network. Together, we’re about to change the lives of millions of people. Project Dor2Dor will be the first project proving what these two businesses are capable of together.

Dor2Dor will first start operations between La Poste and OCP of the Ivory Coast. La Poste of the Ivory Coast will distribute OCP products to all 5000 of their wholesalers, who work with 7 million farmers from the Ivory Coast. A smartphone app will be developed for this purpose, with one side dedicated to the OCP/La Poste, and the other side dedicated to the end clients: the farmers.