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Be-Bound in Laos: Connecting Rural Villages


In Laos, rural populations lack connectivity and are largely excluded from digital progress.

Last month, after setting off with the goal of proving that Be-Bound’s N4B technology has the power to connect unconnected populations, our Head of Deployments, Guillaume Favez, found himself in Laos traveling on average 8 hours a day from one rural village to another. In the meantime, he discovered firsthand the scope of the digital divide in Laos. It’s when you go into these rural areas where you’re really faced with populations living day-to-day without the internet. In Laos, 65% of rural towns do not have 3G, meaning that if someone never leaves the town, they will never have any form of internet.

The benefits of internet are widely agreed to contribute to sustainable development. ICT paves the way not only to a more developed economy, but for individuals to contribute to society in ways not previously possible, and in doing so, better their own lives.