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François Stephan: Augmented Connectivity for an Inclusive Blockchain


We’re proud to announce the arrival of François Stephan, who has joined Be-Bound as Vice President of Sales and Innovation. François comes to us from IRT SystemX, a private technology research institute dedicated to accelerating digital transformation. There, he ensured the institute’s development in France and internationally. Previously he was Director of Transformation at Thales Services.

You might have seen him interviewed on BFMTV or featured in IT for Business discussing Blockchain. A telecom engineer who quickly saw blockchain’s potential to shift the imbalance in global development, he joins Be-Bound now to assist the company in marrying Blockchain technology with Be-Bound’s patented Augmented Connectivity.

Reinventing Essential Technologies

Existing technologies paved the way for the creation of both Be-Bound and blockchain. Simply by drawing on existing mobile telephone networks, Be-Bound Augmented Connectivity extends service capacities for Android apps and IoT, to reach 95% of the population. This utilization of existing networks makes Be-Bound a frugal innovation for mobile technology, making more out of what is already available. Meanwhile Blockchain is another innovation made with pre-existing tech. The linking together of the internet, cryptography, cloud and timestamps (and more) into one unit is what gives blockchain its “unbreakable” foundation. So what do you get when you put these two together?

Augmented Connectivity: A Boost for the Blockchain

François Stephan sees Augmented Connectivity as a technology that will open new doors for Blockchain technology and vice versa. As he says, “what drew me to Be-Bound as a Telecom Engineer was its ability to transform what’s possible for smartphones and IoT using the networks we’ve been working with already for decades. It’s this frugal innovation aspect that I want to further develop so that we push the idea of what’s possible for emerging countries, and even show developed countries that using less resources can be beneficial not only for the bottom line, but done with the right technology, can bring the best results” Blockchain will immediately gain a farther reach, and Be-Bound can be integrated easily to work with apps that need higher security, traceability, or smart contracts. Be-Bound will help Blockchain services reach any areas that lack connectivity, accelerating its adoption, and making it more inclusive.

There is no question that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies could significantly improve the living conditions for people by facilitating new inclusive apps such as low cost financial services, delivery services and more. With today’s global digital divide, billions are excluded from the world digital economy. But by making Blockchain available to all, opportunities will increase exponentially. Blockchain and Augmented Connectivity both have the power to advance sustainable development goals, and combined, each will empower the other.

François will head the Sales and Innovation teams at Be-Bound and be responsible for managing international growth and scaling the startup into its next phase of development. His passion for Be-Bound’s mission and deep product knowledge will accelerate the company’s innovation and partnerships worldwide.