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SNCF Releases French Startup Guide: Generation French Tech


Be-Bound is featured as one of the top 120 companies to watch in SNCF’s 1st edition of Generation French Tech.

Generation French Tech is a project created by SNCF Développement, with the objective of highlighting the innovators and startups revolutionizing France’s day-to-day life, and shaping the future. The project focuses entirely on France’s ecosystem. The partners (SNCF Développement, Sanofi, Business France and others), supporters and selected startups are all French.

A total of 1000 French startups were chosen for the project. In fact, 1000 startups created between 2010 and 2016, caught the attention of partners and supporters of the project, based on their impact and level of commercial attractiveness, both of which are reflected in successful fundraising. Altogether, these 1000 French startups have raised nearly 2.5 billion euros.

In its final form, the Generation French Tech booklet is essentially the French Startup equivalent to the Michelin Guide, giving readers an overview of the French Tech ecosystem.The book discusses startup issues such as disruptive tech (big data, blockchain, IoT) and internationalization. It also covers topics concerning French Tech more specifically, such as where French Tech gets its financing, the media focused on French Tech, women in French Tech, and territories of French Tech.