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Imagine Better Deliveries Anywhere in Africa: Dor2Dor Coming Soon


DOR2DOR, An example of Franco-Ivorian cooperation to revolutionize deliveries in emerging countries

After more than one year of collaboration, La Poste of the Ivory Coast, and Be-Bound, a French company specializing in augmented connectivity, are happy to introduce the Dor2Dor Alliance. The companies are working on a major project for La Poste of the Ivory Coast that promises to firstly revolutionize deliveries in the Ivory Coast, and secondly across other African countries, by creating new channels of communication and delivery that will encourage inclusive growth to be shared by all citizens. The Dor2Dor project is an innovative logistical platform operated by the Poste of the Ivory Coast, that will be accessible everywhere, with guaranteed secure payments upon ordering, and delivery within 48 hours, anywhere across the country. The project is open to all : citizens, government, and businesses of all sizes.