Mobile Network Operator

Augmented Connectivity for Augmented Business

Become smart enablers. Expand your B2B market, your service quality, and grow your customer base within rural areas by optimising your existing networks.

Be-Bound has developed a unique and patented technology that optimizes existing networks to bring augmented connectivity to mobile apps and IoT worldwide, without any additional infrastructure investment. Be-Bound technology extends coverage to reach 95% of the population immediately. Be-Bound enables secure end-to-end encryption and real-time transactions everywhere, and ensures constant connectivity wherever there is a mobile network, any network.


Why Choose Be-Bound?



Your apps, services and IoT devices now work everywhere.



Your users and subscribers are always connected, in real time.



Requests and data are optimized and guaranteed to work both ways, sending and receiving.

Our Technology At Work

E-Commerce & Deliveries

Apps and services to purchase goods, track deliveries, and get directions are available even when networks are saturated or weak.

Real-Time Data Collection

Optimize your data so requests can be sent from anywhere, even in the most rural areas, using only the GSM network.

Mobile Payment

Get real-time transactions everywhere, wherever there is a mobile network.