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Be-Bound and SycaPay Partner for Mobile Money in the Ivory Coast


The French startup Be-Bound and SycaPay, the leader of mobile payment in the Ivory Coast, are partnering to accelerate the development of “Mobile Money”.

French startup Be-Bound, specializing in mobile connectivity services, and the Ivorian startup, SycaPay, leader of mobile payment solutions, are partnering to accelerate the development of “Mobile Money” in the Ivory Coast, the epicenter of African m-banking. This technology partnership is extremely promising, because it enables the simplification of commercial exchanges where more than 1 in 4 Ivorians has a mobile account.

Since 2007, Mobile Money has seen tremendous growth on the African continent, something that has enabled millions of people to access a multitude of financial services via their mobile phones. Today in the Ivory Coast, nearly 26 million euros are transferred between different mobile money wallets on the market. In this dynamic economy, SycaPay, a leading actor in m-payment solutions, and Be-Bound, have partnered to develop a unique mobile payment solution that works with or without internet.