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Be-Bound Augmented Connectivity to enable STAR TELECOM (Unitel) enterprise customers to extend services

Be-Bound partners with Unitel telecom in Laos

Be-Bound announced today that they have entered into a partnership with Unitel Telecom to provide Augmented Connectivity to the Laos-based operator. Unitel has chosen Be-Bound technology to increase the geographic reach of apps for their enterprise customers. Augmented Connectivity will be a key building block for Unitel’s enterprise strategy which aims to expand the footprint for its business customers.

Unitel’s GSM network already covers 95% of the Lao PDR population, with a mobile market share of 54%. With Augmented Connectivity, Unitel will be able to get more value and efficiency out of their existing networks, directly benefitting their business clients. ln Laos, where networks tend to be weaker in rural areas, Unitel will use Augmented Connectivity to ensure services are available constantly for their business customers. Be-Bound Augmented Connectivity ensures that Android apps and loT stay connected wherever there is a mobile telephone network, whatever the network, even when there is no internet available.

There are many applications for this technology in Laos, such as tax or insurance payments, mobile payments, access to government information, agricultural tips and news. Getting more out of the existing networks means that for companies that need services working everywhere, there will be a solution. The enrollment of new users through a Know Your Customer process (KYC) is for example possible even in areas with unstable internet access. Gaps in service will no longer be an issue for companies that need to stay connected with employees who are out on the field (deliveries, transportation, fleet tracking), or for loT sensors in remote areas (agriculture). There will be an extended benefit to the economy through more possibilities given to end-users through the magnified business footprint.

“We’re happy to see Augmented Connectivity working as a business solution for Telecoms. We’re also looking forward to seeing this partnership have a positive impact on digital growth and the economy in Laos. As more businesses are able to work without disruption in rural areas, we can expect Augmented Connectivity to contribute to improved business performance across the country, with Unitel as the backbone to their services.” Duangmala Phommavong, Senior Managing Director, Be-Bound ASEAN

The partnership comes on the heels of Be-Bound signing an agreement with the Laos Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), with a joint commitment to finding frugal and inclusive solutions (FIDS) for the country, technological answers that are efficient and affordable, and that are meant to be available to more people, in more places.

The work with Unitel is a first step in executing delivery of FIDS for Laos. As businesses make their services available in more places, end-users in remote areas will directly benefit from the new increased business reach, promoting inclusivity between urban and rural areas without the need to wait for new, extensive infrastructure to be built.