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Be-Bound & Laos sign MoU to promote Internet access in rural areas

The Laos Ministry of Science and Technology signs with Be-Bound the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Frugal and Inclusive Digital Solution (FIDS) to promote Internet access in rural areas.

On January 23rd, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Laos with the Minister Prof. Boviengkham VONGDARA and Be-Bound – the French startup that increases the reach of mobile services with their patented augmented connectivity – officially announced a key agreement.

This document sets forth the utilization of Be-Bound Technology for promoting the Digital Services in the Lao PDR by the Laos government. The two parties intend to jointly explore the possibility of using Be-Bound’s Augmented Connectivity to bring better access and services in the recluded areas of Laos, as well as to support the evolution of the health, education and agriculture departments in the digital era.

“Be-Bound is proud to work with the Lao government towards better connectivity and the digital transition of the country. Through this partnership we’re hopeful we’ll be able to bring better Internet access in the rural areas and the Lao population altogether, which will benefit health, education, and agriculture.” – Olivier ROUSSEAU, VP Operations & Development of Be-Bound.

The objectives of this MoU are :
1. To identify the conditions of cooperation in the area of digital transition in the Lao
2. To offer the access of Be-Bound connectivity platform to local entities to accelerate
this digital transition.
3. To create the foundation for promoting a Frugal and Inclusive Digital Solution (FIDS) to Public Administrations in the form of various projects sponsored by different Ministries.
4. To stimulate the growth of an ecosystem of local partners to promote frugal and
inclusive mobile digital projects in the Lao PDR which will reflect this digital transition.

About Be-Bound
Be-Bound is a French startup which optimizes existing networks to bring constant connectivity to all Android smartphones and IoT devices, enabling coverage for 95% of the world’s population without the need for any additional infrastructure investment. This technology is made for corporations, governments, mobile network operators, and developers to connect the unconnected, immediately.

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